A Year of Passionate Progress

November marks 14-years since I left the inpatient psychiatric unit for the last time after a difficult bipolar diagnosis and 2-year mental health battle that began in 2006. I am grateful to be able to celebrate this milestone. It is a significantly meaningful anniversary that reminds me to pause and consider what I am doingContinue reading A Year of Passionate Progress

Mad or Manic Holidaze

Growing up my mom absolutely loved the holidays. Our family would head downtown to see the Christmas displays in the department store windows, watch the enormous toy train set in the train station lobby and visit the Santas from around the world on display in PPG Place, a beautiful glass tower complex that shined likeContinue reading “Mad or Manic Holidaze”

Lucky 13

The day before Thanksgiving marks the 13th anniversary of my last discharge from an inpatient psychiatric unit!  This anniversary edition is dedicated to every young person who was recently crushed by a bipolar diagnosis.  You can be healthy again! To the patient struggling to discover a treatment cocktail that successfully manages their symptoms without causingContinue reading “Lucky 13”

Anticipate the Good

Last Friday I was full of anticipation. I had been looking forward to my weekend trip since June when my sister bought tickets for us to attend a pop up Alice in Wonderland themed cocktail event. One thing I learned after Mastering Misery and my experience with 60 burials a week working at the cemeteryContinue reading “Anticipate the Good”

Mastering Misery

Shine Bright illuminated my childhood experiences with death and depressed family members. When I was a freshman in college my family experienced a major case of déjà vu. I began my studies in the summer semester in July to get an early start on graduation. My baba who lived with us on and off forContinue reading “Mastering Misery”

Shine Bright

I covered a large time period in Personal Growth. From sometime in 2010 to 2018. During that time I struggled, I grew, and I changed. I wasn’t always grateful for the opportunity to receive a full time paycheck and tuition reimbursement that covered a portion of my higher education. I still struggled with depression, hugeContinue reading “Shine Bright”

Personal Growth

One day during the Nervous Nellie saga while I was driving eight plus hours every two weeks to support my mom’s care, I was invited to join another department at work.  It was the opportunity I knew I wanted from my first month in my new role. I thought about it and discussed it withContinue reading “Personal Growth”

Nervous Nellie

Thanksgiving day 2008 was my first day of freedom. I shared the story of my last severe manic episode in One More Time. After discharge, I felt anything but free. Tony was still far away and our relationship was holding on by one strand of a single solitary thread. We talked on the phone whileContinue reading “Nervous Nellie”

One More Time

After my release from the psychiatric unit following my suicide attempt described in Darkness Descends,  I realized I needed to make some changes to improve my life and make it worth living again.  I also had to get ahead of mounting financial pressures. We downsized and down graded our living arrangements by moving into lowContinue reading “One More Time”

Mania Manifests

In the summer of 2006, I decided to move with my boyfriend of two years from the DC Metro area to Florida in search of some warmth and a slower pace. Tony and I sold most of our belongings. We quit our jobs and traveled 12-hours by car to start a business in an unfamiliarContinue reading “Mania Manifests”

What Does Bipolar Feel Like?

My mental health challenges have been like suddenly falling into the angry, raging rapids of a fast moving river at night in 20 degree weather while wearing a snowsuit, boots, and bottom layer long johns. Almost impossible to survive. I hear a lot of messages about accepting your shortcomings as they are. Loving yourself unconditionally.Continue reading “What Does Bipolar Feel Like?”