Who is Dayna?

By the age of 25, Dayna had a promising career making just over $80,000/year.

Two years later she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her entire world was shattered. At the age of 27, Dayna struggled for 24 long, difficult months to accept her new diagnosis. Dayna spent six weeks in psychiatric care facilities. She struggled to find a medication regimen that worked and didn’t make her physically shake, vomit, and feel uncomfortable in her own skin. Because of these early side effects, Dayna often refused prescription drugs to help treat her bipolar condition. In 2007, the darkness almost won and she attempted suicide.

Slowly, Dayna regained her strength and belief in herself. Today, Dayna maintains a strong relationship with her psychiatrist and regularly takes her prescribed medications. She is thriving 13 years into a new career and looks forward to celebrating her 19 year anniversary with Tony. He has been by her side before, during, and helped support her as she fought her way back to “normal”. Dayna has learned to prioritize her mental health in the delicate balance of managing work, home, and family life responsibilities.

In Daylight and Darkness, Dayna will share her story from surviving, to living with, and finally thriving despite her mental health challenges. Dayna’s purpose is to inspire and encourage you to keep fighting. Shine bright. Do not let the darkness win.

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“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Matthew 5:16 NIV

When one young, scared, and sick patient or their loved one finds my story and it gives them newfound strength and hope to take their next step forward in faith that things can get better. I have achieved my purpose in life.

Dayna J.

Read Dayna’s Journey and Story